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Healthy Ways To Self-Manage Stress

Healthy Ways To Self-Manage Stress

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We all have stressors. Stress is a non-specific response of the body to any demand for change. Change is constant, therefore so is stress. However, there is good stress and bad stress. A small amount of eustress is actually good for us. It helps us feel a sense of urgency to accomplish our tasks without debilitating physical effects. Below, we have outlined some healthy ways to self-manage stress to optimize health and wellness. 

Healthy Ways To Self-Manage Stress 

Understand What Stresses You Out

First step in managing stress is to understand it. Different things cause different types of stress to everyone. Keep a journal to track which situations create the most stress for you. Record your experience about the environment, including your thoughts, emotions, the people and circumstances involved, the physical setting and your response. Taking notes can help you find patterns among your responses to stressors.

Train Your Brain

This is probably the single most important tip, and most challenging. Self-managing stress involves conditioning your mind and training your brain. It takes time, patience and diligence. To put it into perspective, think about how when you work out at the gym, the work you put in is to benefit you later down the line, once the workout is over. That's when you really experience the results of your efforts, not during. Days after a work out is when the muscles actually start to grow and will lead to a healthier physical state. The same goes for meditation. When you sit in peace and silence for an extended time to quiet the mind and find tranquil stillness, the action itself can actually be stressful trying to maintain concentration, perhaps uncomfortable or even plain boring. The effects of meditation are not necessarily noticed while meditating. The benefits of meditation are experienced later on down the line once your mind returns back to its normal state. You're later able to think with more clarity and less judgement. The same idea goes for managing stress. Once you understand the specific factors causing your stress, you can come to terms with it all in your mind and formulate coping mechanisms to handle your unique day-to-day stress in a way that helps you. This way, when you're out and about experiencing your daily stressors, you can power through the day with contentment. 

Make Time To Recharge

We all make decisions in life. There are plenty of choices we face throughout our day. Some of us decide to work nonstop. Some decide to make self-care a priority. There is something to be said about maintaining a life of balance. Everyone is different in terms of how we experience stress, relaxation and joy. Whatever healthy activity makes you feel revived, make time for that on a regular basis. Usually, the ones that make time to recharge are the ones who lead happy, healthy and peaceful lives.

Learn How To Relax

Life is a long haul, so it's important to learn to go with the flow. To flow through life is to maintain as much engagement with the present as possible while simultaneously adjusting your course to achieve meaningful goals. As long as you resist your circumstances and dwell in negativity, you will always be stressed out. At the end of the day, everything we experience is based from the our limited perception, our subjective interpretations of the world around us. 

Focus In The Present Moment

Depression can be evoked when you let your mind wander too far off into distant past memories. Nostalgia, regret and and unmet longing for things that once were are not happy and healthy states of being. Anxiety can be aroused when concentrating too much on future events, which is a construct of your imagination. No matter how horrendously stressful your current experience may be, by making it your focal point, you will be able to respond in a manor that is best for your wellbeing. 

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