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How Gratitude Affects Your Health

How Gratitude Affects Your Health

It's that time of year again... Thanksgiving!

Now is when everyone visits with family, feasts and reflects on everything in their life for which they are grateful. We all know being grateful has a positive impact on our wellbeing, certainly more so than people that harbor resentment. However, did you know that gratitude has real abilities to affect your health? 

Here are some ways people have experienced life-changing effects from adopting an attitude of gratitude. 



Improved Sleep

When we are focused on our gratitude, we live in a state of happiness. It helps us to reduce stress and worry less. Consequently, we can expect to have better nights of sleep. Granted, everything may not be perfectly as we would have hoped, but rather than dwell on everything that is wrong, we choose to shift our awareness to everything that is working well for us. 

Increased Energy

Humans are dynamic bundles of energy. It is important to be conscious of where we exert our energy. If we expend it all on negative thoughts and emotions, it can make us depressed and tired. Worrying  about anger, regret and resentment is very draining. On the other hand, when we direct our focus on our happiness, we will experience a sense of contentment, which makes us resilient and thrive with energy. 

    Less Sick

    Simply by being thankful, we experience better health and overall wellness. Why? Gratitude evokes warm feelings. When we are emotionally upset, we become physically upset, too. This can cause a whole range of ailments. By truly relishing in the abundance of gratitude we genuinely feel, our bodies reap the benefits and keep us well.

    Enhanced Mood

    How can you be in a bad mood when you're swept away in gratitude? When we explore feelings of being grateful, we enjoy an uplift in our mood. No matter what our circumstances, we will have a little spring in our step knowing we are lucky and blessed to get to have the things that bring us joy.

    Increased Productivity 

    When operating from a place of feeling lack, it is hard to be utmost productive. When we think about how much money we owe or how much more other people have or how easier your life could be, we become paralyzed by the negativity. However, when we rise above and operate from a place of feeling satisfied and fulfilled with what we have, we can hone all our energy on accomplishing what we need to do in order to reach our goals.

    Deeper Relationships

    Let's face it. People like being around happy people who express thanks for all the good in life. No one admires or strives for a "woe is me" attitude. When we focus on our gratitude, not only do we attract pure happiness into our own lives, we radiate and spread joy into the lives of others around us. People gravitate toward positive people with grateful hearts. People tend to feel more inclined to help others when they know their efforts are greatly appreciated. Thus, by being grateful, we can have more meaningful relationships with our friends and family. 

    More Opportunities

    There is a powerful force that attracts people to their situations. When we focus on feeling like we have everything we need, we attract more of it. When we feel grateful for our lives, our lives grant us more reasons to be thankful. When we err in frustration over our circumstance, we may wind up getting stuck in a rut. By simply choosing to focus on things we prefer in our lives, or have potential to achieve, we become more likely to bring it to fruition.

    Longer Life

    Overall, by leading a life of full of gratitude, we can actually expand our lifespans. We will be happier, healthier and at peace with ourselves and the world around us. No matter what happens throughout the duration of our life, we can always be comforted by our unwavering sense of gratitude. 

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