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How To Be a Peaceful Person

How To Be a Peaceful Person

Optimal health and wellness is about directing your attention toward activities that will promote balance and harmony within the body. Here at Pure Manna International, we aim to inspire humans all over the world to lead happy, healthy and peaceful lives. So, here are some ways to be a peaceful person.


Direct your attention to the present moment 

If you're feeling anxious or depressed, notice on what thoughts you are focusing. It's easy to let the mind run rampant. What is challenging is maintaining control of your mind by directing your attention on positive thoughts that promote healing and wellness. Reminiscing on the past can evoke feelings of depression, nostalgia or even mere distraction. Imagining the future can cause feelings of insecurity, fear of the unknown, emotional excitement or anxiety. To find peace, try consciously directing your attention to the present moment. In this very moment, you are happy, healthy and peaceful. 

Take time for self-reflection

Taking time out every once in a while for self-reflection can prove to stimulate a peace of mind. If you're constantly in go mode, you are more likely to act without careful thought. This can lead to reckless behavior and cause a sense of disturbance in the mind, evoking feelings of confusion, sense of being lost in the world and even despair. Self-reflection will help give you a deeper sense of understanding of yourself and the world around you, which is certain to bring a sense of wellbeing into your life. 

Create stillness

Your environment plays a huge role in your state of mind. If you are always bombarded by stressors, people, noise and chaos, which is to be expected, it's no wonder people have trouble finding peace. It is our responsibility to take control of our minds and create peaceful and relaxing environments every day. Even if only for a few minutes, you should have a space you can go to tune out momentarily. This can revitalize your energy and boost your peace of mind. 

Understand your limited perception

Coming to terms with the fact that everything you experience is based from a limited point of reference can dramatically aid your inner peace. True peace is not something you can give to someone else or find outside of yourself. It's something experienced subjectively when you are able to find genuine contentment within a world of chaos. There is a sense of comfort in realizing there is more to life than what you think you know. It allows you to live with more fluidity and acceptance. 

Improve your communication

There is comfort in understanding and mutual respect. This comfort is sure to bring about a peaceful state of mind. To gain understanding, effective communication is required. Try working on how you communicate with others by listening deeply when others are speaking and choosing your words carefully while paying attention to the messages you are sending.

Be honest

When your thoughts, emotions and actions align, you will feel harmonious. However, if you have inner conflicts, your mind will sense this disturbance. To be at peace, you must be open and honest with your experience and this truth shall set you free. Seek integration of all of your sometimes-conflicting parts into one powerful whole. This requires an honest breakthrough of misconceptions, insecurities, limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, internal conflicts, buried dreams, hopes, fears and all the accumulated baggage of human existence.

Go with the flow

Think of your experience of life as a small sailboat out in the open ocean. The smoothness and trajectory of its course is dependent on its state and movement, how it's conducing itself, and of course the state of the sea. You cannot direct the heavy wind or the waves, but you can adjust your sail. Maintain your course. You can learn to exercise a great deal of control over the state of your ship and the direction it heads. Don't resist life; accept it, or you will prolong your suffering. 

Live free of worry and regret

Living with regret makes it impossible to live in peace. Regret is an antagonizing emotion that causes a great deal of emotional suffering and physical damage on the body. It is important to live with a sense of conscientiousness to make responsible decisions as to avoid horrible states of mind like regret. Worrying about what could possibly happen is also a disturbing place to be mentally. Plus, why risk a self-fulling prophecy? It is best to let go of your unreasonable worries that cause unnecessary stress.  


One of the healthiest things you can do to promote peace is to forgive. Everyone learns and grows at different rates and it is important to take into consideration everyone's backgrounds and experiences are very different. The past is gone and all we have is now. No matter how terrible what was done in your life is that disturbs your peace of mind, it is best to acknowledge it and how it makes you feel, learn, then let it go. Holding onto resentment will never support a peaceful mind. 

Practice minimalism

When it comes to living a peaceful life, less is more. The simpler your environment, the easier it is to calm a busy mind. You may not realize it but clutter can be disturbing your inner peace. Try downsizing on your material goods and see if it makes you feel lighter and freer. 

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