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Positive Attitude and Wellness

Positive Attitude and Wellness

Our mission here at Pure Manna International is to inspire humans worldwide to lead a healthy, happy and peaceful lifestyle. We will be sharing insights on our blog on topics relating to health and general wellbeing. Thank you so much for your support!

May you be healthy, happy and peaceful!

The Importance of Positive Input

Our thoughts send signals to every cell in our body on a subconscious level and we are in control of the input that enters the brain.

This reinforces the power of a positive attitude in relation to physical wellness. Likewise, any deviation from a positive lifestyle registers at the cellular level. Negative input disturbs overall balance in the body leading to inflammation, contributes to abnormal cell function, weakens the immune system, contributes to premature aging and creates a sense of discomfort or dis-ease, the opposite of wellbeing. 

My plan for wellness is to maximize positive input and minimize negative input, while balancing my responsibilities to others with self care.

positivity and wellness

10 Tips to Self Care

Make happiness a priority.

Don't get stuck in a rut. Don't allow self-sabotaging thoughts to live in your mind. To achieve happiness, make it a top priority for you.

Make your life have purpose and meaning.

Don't get so wrapped up in daily practicalities that are routine and meaningless. Create a life that fulfills your spirt's calling. 

Live according to a higher vision.

Maintain perspective on a greater purpose in life rather than focus on materialistic externals.

Expand your awareness into every decade of life.

Rather than viewing youth as the peak of life and old age as a dwindling decline, change your attitude to appreciate the whole of life. 

Devote time and attention to personal growth.

Do not stagnate. Life is for living, exploring, learning, growing, advancing and evolving. 

Follow a sensible regimen of good diet and physical activity. 

Eat clean and get a moderate level of exercise every day.

Allow your brain to reset by introducing downtown several times a day.

Don't work your brain to the point of exhaustion before allowing yourself to take a break.

Get to know your inner world through meditation, contemplation and self-reflection.

Be open and honest with yourself. Don't avoid how you're really feeling or run from your fears. Confront the core of your character. 

Practice gratitude. 

Focus your attention on what you have rather than what you want. 

Learn how to love and be loved.

There is a magical energy that is activated when you are generous that attracts love and abundance. If you want to receive love, you need to become open and learn to give without expectations. 

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