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Pure, potent and natural healing

Pure Manna Health Mission

Pure Manna Health is on a mission to inspire humans worldwide to lead a healthy, happy and peaceful lifestyle.

Pure Manna Health Supplements 

Pure Manna health supplements provide pure and potent formulas that promote the natural healing resources within all of us. We provide 14 supplements, each dedicated to achieving optimal health and wellness.

Pure Manna Promise

Pure Manna health supplements are pharmaceutical grade, made with all-natural food and plant-based ingredients. Pure Manna promises no synthetics, no additives and no GMOs. Products are formulated by certified holistic practitioners and tested by manufacturing specialists and quality experts dedicated to maintaining the highest GMP supplement quality standards. Every Pure Manna health product is subjected to quality tests and assays throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity and potency. 

Pure Manna Proprietary Supplements 

Vitamins For Life (Multivitamin) 

Pure Manna Vitamins For Life are the most potent multivitamin on the market offering the most powerful supplements combined with digestive enzymes and 500mg of exotic fruit and vegetable extracts per serving.

Our vitamins are cold pressed and crafted by our team of certified holistic practitioners. Since no heat is used in this process, the oils retain their essential fatty acid content. The food base allows for quicker digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients. We are confident you will feel the difference with Pure Manna Vitamins for Life!

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PMi2 Complex (Antioxidant) 

 PMi2 Complex is our best-selling proprietary supplement, a powerful antioxidant formulated to fight free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. Containing potent amounts of Vitamin C, N-Acetyl, L-Cysteine, Beta Glucan, Alpha Glucan and Lactoferrin, it is the most powerful antioxidant on the market.

Oxidation is the cause of free radicals. This happens when an electron is knocked out of a chemical bond. These highly reactive free radicals will interact with and damage healthy molecules. Oxidative stress occurs when destructive power of free radicals spread from one cell to surrounding cells inflicting widespread damage.

Antioxidant molecules have electrons to spare. Once an antioxidant and a free radical come in to contact, the antioxidant will supply the free radical with an electron, thus repairing the chemical bond and returning stability to the molecule.

With the prevalence of oxidation factors, it is very important to supply your body with a reservoir of antioxidants.

Pure Manna Benefits

  • Boosts the body's defenses against free radical damage
  • Promotes healthy cell production
  • Supports hormone balance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances sense of wellbeing
  • Improves mood and sleep regularity 

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